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Logistics and courier What is the difference?
2012-12-19 04:43:49
Let me talk about the price right, logistics cheaper than express more. Logistics is a point-to-point, express door to door. For example, you send a cargo and take the logistics you sent them there, phoned to get to the place you'd like to send. If we do not take, extended we charge you storage fees. You get through courier phone, then made express only need to tell them the address salesman came to the door took. Directly to sent to the place you want to send. Simple is the last mile difference. But the price, timeliness sent. The picking is a matter of logistics, according to the size of the received goods reach the ground, aging, they want to allocate, select the routing. Walk Logistics has a minimum charge, if the goods are smaller, or go express bargain some large go express. Specific look at your request.